Few gin makers are as fortunate as Eden Mill's. We have paradise on our doorstep. We went across the world for Hop Gin's galaxy hops. But local sea buckthorn berries go into our Original. Oak from our very own distillery flavours Oak Gin. And Golf Gin is flavoured with retired clubs from the local courses. It's the spirit of St Andrews.

Love Gin

Our blush pink Love Gin incorporates five core botanicals and eight further, exotic flavours (including red rose petals, marshmallow root, goji berries and whole hibiscus flowers). The result is a fruity, floral aroma, and a mellow red berry and citrus flavour. Luscious served over ice with a wedge of pink grapefruit. We recommend topping with Fever Tree tonic water.
Key Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, angelica root, hibiscus, rose petal, elderberry, rhubarb root, marshmallow root, goji berry, raspberry leaf.
Nose: Soft subtle juniper on the nose. A touch of warm, spiced berries – strawberry and raspberry. Sweet vanilla and green fruits – green apples and pears. Finishes with a delicate citrus pink grapefruit and a drop of rose water at the very end.
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Oak Gin

Oak Gin is a throwback to a bygone era. In the 19th century the most popular gin made on our site was stored in large oak barrels. Why reinvent the wheel? Matured in oak aged beer casks, this gin carries hints of vanilla and toasted caramel. Light amber in colour with hints of bronze.
Key Botanicals: Juniper berries and aged oak chips.
Nose: A warming oaky nose with fresh piney notes. Spicy green pepper and juniper overtones evoke hints of whisky. A fresh vanilla and caramel swetness with hints of cloves and mandarin.
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Original Gin

This is our take on classic gin, with a unique twist. The interaction between sea buckthorn berries, lemon balm, and bitter citrus results in a light yet complex spirit. An essential addition to any drinks cabinet. Serve as a classic G&T with lime or pink grapefruit.
Key Botanicals: Juniper berries, angelica root, lemon balm, citrus peel, and sea buckthorn berries (locally grown and collected).
Nose: Strong citrus nose of lemon peel, bitter orange, and light grapefruit. Delicate spice of coriander and clove at the midpoint. Sweet white fruits – pear, lychee, and melon at the end.
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Hop Gin

We craft beer, so it was logical to craft a hopped gin. But this citrusy and unique creation has a zesty freshness born of passion, not logic. Enjoy with a premium tonic water, or neat over ice. Pale green with a hint of amber.
Key Botanicals: Juniper and Australian galaxy hops.
Nose: Light with a balance between floral, coriander, and light hoppy notes. Soft tropical fruit follows with an undercurrent of juniper.
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12 Gins of Christmas

12 Gins of Christmas
Our 12 Gins of Christmas is a hamper of twelve special original gin varieties. Each gin is derived from our sea buckthorn Original gin, then infused with an electic selection of botanicals, fruits, and spices.
On the first day of Christmas, Eden Mill gave to me…
Original sea buckthorn gin  alc. 42% vol
Rosemary gin  alc. 40% vol
Mulled gin  alc. 42% vol
Vanilla & cinnamon gin  alc. 44% vol
Hop gin  alc. 46% vol
Chilli & ginger gin  alc. 42% vol
Navy strength original gin  alc. 57% vol
Love gin  alc. 42% vol
Oak gin  alc. 42% vol
Blueberry & vanilla gin  alc. 38% vol
Golf gin  alc. 42% vol
Elderberry & lemongrass gin  alc. 42% vol
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Gin Gift Pack

Gift Pack image
Our beautifully wrapped gift packs.
Love Gin  50cl, a tapered glass, and a distillery tour
Hop Gin  50cl, a tapered glass, and a distillery tour
Oak Gin  50cl, a tapered glass, and a distillery tour
Golf Gin  50cl, a tapered glass, and a distillery tour
Get It: Sold out.

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